You will never guess what this is

Here is a hint, it’s not a real Ferrari F430. Like that was not already obvious.

To date, this is my all time favourite ebay find. Why you ask? Well it is such a poorly made replica that it is laughable for one that the owner finished it and secondly that they actually think they would be able to sell this heap of rubbish.

The most surprising thing about it is that there are actually two bids on this car already ( £7,500.00 so far).

Ferrari F430 replica ebay listing

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1994 Replica/Kit Makes Ferrari 512M

Whilst I have never ever been much of a fan of replica or kit cars, I am especially adverse to the point of building a replica ferrari that for one looks nothing like it and seconds looks absolutely nothing like it!

Imagine how many hours were spent building this car and then they go and finish it off wit han interior like this :

The finish is appalling at best, why why why? It is not a good look, no one would ever mistake this as a Ferrari 512M, it looks like a whole heap of fibre glass panels have been mismatched together to form an ugly ass car.

Ebay listing for this POS

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Acura Come 997 Porsche?

So what exactly do you end up with when you combine an Acura/Honda, BMW, Porsche, Nissan, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz? You get this hideous POS… this actually started its life out as an Acura Integra. The listing is an absolute hoot, and the car is, well, something! It does require eye bleach, so go grab a bottle, and then come back and take a look for yourself.

From the listing :


-1994 Acura Integra Frame

-Porsche Front End

-Porsche Headlights

-1.8L Honda B18 Motor

-Nissan 350Z Exhaust System

-BMW Headlights(converted into tail lights)

-Lexus Headlights(converted into reverse lights)

-Mercedes Kompressor Hood

-Mercedes Kompressor Trunk

-5speed Manual Transmission

-Custom Fabricated Body


-Tight Suspension

-200HP Engine

-Light Weight Vehicle for added acceleration & speed about 2300lbs

-Roughly 30,000-40,000 Miles on Rebuilt Engine (don’t know exact)

-Brand New Interior Floor

-40K Headlights


1)Underground LEDS(multiple settings)

2)Air/Fuel & Battery Meters(attached but not wired)

3)Racing Brakes, Rotors, & Discs

4)Sony Eclipse Interior Speakers

5)Memphis 1000 Watt Amp

6)Two 10″ Memphis Bass Speakers in a Kicker Box

7)Light Up Battery Meter Under Hood

8)17″ Montegi Rims

This is all around an awesome car, it belongs to a buddy of mine and is being sold on consignment. I have been in this vehicle many times and can say it is a unique fun to drive car, it’s fast, has great breaks, real head turner, has won at multiple car shows and will continue to do so. The engine and transmission run great with no problems whatsoever. The sound system is phenomenal but if you are the winning bidder and do not want the system I will keep it for $500 off of the price.

Some Minor Issues:

The body of the vehicle sits low to the ground and has a very nice look to it but is not a body kit; as previously mentioned it is custom fabricated and has some stress cracks here and there nothing big but it is worth knowing. The interior is really nice looking with the orange leather but could look a lot better with just a little more effort. Also the wiring on this vehicle gets a little messy here and there, the trunk for example has exposed wires and lights which as is need to be left as they are. Also the drivers front headlight sits just a half inch off, again just another small detail that could be addressed by the new owner or left as is.

Check out the Ebay Listing Here

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Exotic Rice? Bentley Wannabe on Ebay

I have no idea what this started off as, but I can tell you it was not a Bentley! It is a front wheel drive 3.1L V6 powered sham that has been made to look like a Bentley.

With all the time and effort that has gone into creating this monstrosity, wouldn’t it have been better to get the REAL DEAL??

Check out the Ebay listing here

If you know what this actually started life out as - please let me know.

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There is a time and a place for everything

Unfortunately for this Ricer this was not his time and dam sure not the right place. They deserve what ever punishment they got doing dumb shit like that in the middle of an intersection. Go find a back road in an industrial estate to pull some skids

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Ok now i have seen it all

Why the hell would you put a TV on the bonnet of a car ? oh yeah thats right ricer boys like to stand around the carpark of Macca’s doing fly bys all night. At least this way you can watch your fav Drift movie whilst talking about how fully sick your car is.

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That one way to atract attention !!!

I love these clips of some random people taking the piss out of some poor bastards pride and joy. I’m still trying to work out what is funnier the poeple taking the video the way they are paying out on the car or the car its self.

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Quick i need a rocket launcher

AS the signage on the side of the bowl of rice suggests it needs to EXPLODE and i tell ya what i would happly do it for free. I’m not even going to point out how many things on this are just so wrong. How could any comapny actually give them money for sponsership ??????

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The fully sick Ford Probe

When Ford brought these things out i thought to myself straight away why the hell would you call a car Probe. Its just wrong just like the people that own them and do things like these multi coloured mods

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Making sure you know

Nothing says i’m a Ricer wanker more than a bright paint job, a body kit that slows the car down, makes it so low that you could never driver the car. Oh yeah and don’t forget to bolt on a set of M3 BMW mirrors just to make sure.

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